Essentia Health Regional Wellness Center Announces Project Update

For Immediate Release
February 22, 2016
Media Contact: Mike Lundstrom,

The volunteer committee members invite you to a Community Update for the Essentia Health Regional Wellness Center. The Community Update will be held Monday, February 29th @ 5:30PM. The meeting will take place in the City Council Chambers at the Hermantown Government Services Building, 5105 Maple Grove Road, Hermantown, MN.

St. Louis County ranks 74th out of 87 counties in the measurement of overall health in 2015. The goal of this grass roots effort is to improve the health status of Southern St. Louis County residents. The Essentia Health Regional Wellness Center will provide programs and services that will help reverse these trends. The opportunity to reach people before they arrive at the hospital or clinic doors is paramount to not only reversing these trends; but also lessening the state’s financial burden of health care costs.

We recognize the health outcomes of Southern St. Louis County are staggering, therefore, it has become clear that a collaborative effort is needed to combat these needs. The expertise gained through collaboration is powerful. Our
collaboration with Essentia Health and the YMCA has solidified this expertise. The programming and services they can provide brings a new level of professional insight, knowledge and research needed to impact change in our
region’s health.

The timeline and funding of this project are critical. The 2014 State financial support for the planning and predesign provided the basis for the development of this project. An investment of $8 million from the State in 2016 bonding would impact far beyond healthcare and boost the region’s economy as well. The passing of our bonding request is pivotal in the further development of this project.

The Essentia Health Regional Wellness Center Committee is a volunteer group representing multiple generations, townships, communities and industries committed to improving the health and wellness of our region. Essentia Health is a major financial contributor and future tenant with naming rights, the YMCA will serve as a full-service family YMCA and Hermantown Community Schools will have a presence with Community Education programming.



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