Hermantown Area Chamber Letter of Support for WLSSD CHP Project

February 17, 2015

House & Senate Members:

RE:       Support for Western Lake Superior Sanitary District Combined Heat and Power Energy Project Bonding Request
On Thursday, February 11th, the Hermantown Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors unanimously voted in support of WLLSD’s Heat and Power Energy Project bonding request. On behalf of the board of directors, I write to you today to urge your support for funding for the WLSSD project in this 2016 bonding session.

The Chamber of Commerce is committed to helping businesses succeed. Affordability of utility rates for our businesses is an impactful factor in choosing to keep or relocate a business in our community. Upon hearing the plans for developing a system in which will potentially stabilize cost for our over 800 Hermantown business users, the plan was welcomed by our board.  We also commend WLSSD in their diligence to be a resourceful steward in our community.  WLSSD’s leadership is a terrific example for the region and the state.

In the 2016 legislative session, WLSSD is requesting $11.575 million for phase 2 of its Combined Heat and Power Energy Project, which will allow WLSSD to purchase generators to generate electricity using a wastewater treatment gas byproduct and recapture heat for use in its wastewater facilities.  This project has many positive economic and environmental benefits, including stabilizing rates for Hermantown’s 9,625 residents, our more than 800 businesses and regional employers.

 Please support the inclusion of $11.575 million in the 2016 Legislative Session for the WLSSD Combined Heat and Power Energy Project.





Karen Pionk, Executive Director

Hermantown Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors


HACC Letter of support for WLSSD CHP Project

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