Response to: Northeast MN Chamber Execs Request Assistance for Mining Related Layoffs

Wednesday, March 2nd

Dear Chamber Execs,

I couldn’t agree more with you about the urgency to provide UI benefits extension to unemployed miners in Minnesota.  As you noted, there was an attempt earlier this year to convene a special session to address this.  The MN Chamber, so you know, did not engage in the debate that ensued about the need for a special session.  We did, however, respond to inquiries about a UI tax credit or trigger.  I suspect this was because the Chamber had supported legislation in the 2015 session to provide a credit or trigger if the UI fund reaches a surplus level above federal targets for state UI funds.

As for the effort now to have an extension passed early in the regular session, we will join you in supporting an extension.  In fact, tomorrow a representative of the Chamber will be testifying in support.  Businesses statewide and several legislators see this also as a time to pass a UI credit.  As mentioned, proposals for a credit were debated in the 2015 session and we understand that both the Legislature and Dayton administration are working on and trying to reach agreement on legislation.  We think they are close.  As such, we do not see any major impediments to passing both the UI extension and UI credit at the start of the 2016 session.

I hope this clarifies our position.  Thanks for your work on behalf of the business community.




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