Duluth Airshow Ends on a High Note

Duluth Airshow Ends on a High Note

June 04, 2017 10:56 PM

It was a high flying weekend in Duluth as pilots from all over the country showcased their talents in the sky for the annual airshow.

“If you get a chance to walk around (the airshow), you will see aircraft going all the way back to before World War 2 obviously up to the F-35, which is one of the most modern aircraft we have and everything in between,” said Roger Reinert, one of the event’s organizers.

“Five days ago we were like what are we going to do with these clouds and the rains,” said Reinert.

Duluth Airshow Ends on a High Note
However, Mother Nature cooperated in time for the skies to be a clear path as planes twirled, turned and zipped through the air.

“It’s amazing,” Reinert added.

Sue Greenwalt drove up from the cities with her family to take in those sights and sounds on the show’s first day.

“I just wanted to come up, spend time with family, with friends and see (the) same displays,” said Greenwalt. “(I also came) to see the Blue Angels.”

The Blue Angels closed out the show Saturday with an impressive performance.

Day two was no different as families once again flocked to the Duluth International Airport for another rounds of flights, and fun.

“Any time you can do stuff with family, it’s always a good time. It’s a beautiful day,” said Tammy Mekka, a first timer to Duluth’s airshow.

Whether it was people’s first time like Mekka or it’s tradition, all eyes in the crowd watched each performance in amazement.

“I would have thrown up. It was very exciting, very cool,” said Mekka.

“I liked them (the planes) because the smoke and when those gray planes came by right here (by my heart) felt funny,” said Mekka’s newphew, Tristen.”It was awesome.”

Reinert says this year has been one of the most successful.

“We think we had one of our largest crowds ever,” he said.”Our guess is close to 30,000 people yesterday.”

In all the excitement, his hope is that people can see what this show means for the community.

“(I want people to see) how important the airport is to Duluth and the region. You come here you maybe fly out of here but you may not think about AAR or Cirrus or the 148th,” said Reinert. “Aviation is a big part of our economy and jobs. We want to make sure we highlight that and make that connection.”

Article and image by WDIO

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