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How do YOU Live, Give, Shop, Eat Locally?

Supporting Local has been a critical initiative of the Hermantown Area Chamber of Commerce. Online commerce is easy to embrace it’s so easy. Unfortunately, the effects are becoming more and more noticeable. The tax dollars that are not collected in a local transaction are suddenly not available to cover the growing costs of local infrastructure improvements, fire, safety, and security among others. Yet the need is still there. Yes, absolutely, this discussion can and should get deeper, but on a surface level, we ALL need people to really, truly make it a point to SUPPORT LOCAL.

We are reaching out to our members to find out how you live locally.  Share pictures of your staycation, eating out at your favorite restaurant and how you make it a priority to support local vendors in your business.  Maybe your customers are 98% local. Maybe your payroll covers 500 people who all live, eat and shop locally. Maybe your company makes it a point to give to local nonprofits every year. Whatever your spin is on how you are inadvertently or purposely Living Local – we want to hear about it! Share with us via email [email protected] subject line “Living Local” throughout the year.