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Weekly Update Advertising

WEEKLY UPDATE – one of our most popular features.  It comes out  Weekly and recaps the week past, and teases upcoming programs and events.  There’s always great business and community information in it, and even a little bit of fun!  

Here are a few samples:

September 4th, 2020

August 4th, 2020

July 2nd, 2020

June 12th, 2020


This feature is e-mailed weekly to our 1200+ opt-in member subscribers via Constant Contact.  We currently have a 24% average open rate and a 5% click rate for this communication. Our weekly updates are scheduled for Fridays around noon.  It is also shared on Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook 4x over the next 5 days.

Each ad can have a clickable link back to your Facebook or web page.

MEMBER COST:  $35 for each run (each week). Ad payments are due net 30 days from the order date. Order confirmations and payment receipts are emailed.NON-MEMBER COST:  $50 for each run (each week).  Ad payments are due prior to the run date. Order confirmations and payment receipts are emailed.
STYLE & SPECS:  Choose:

  •  Simple:  Text with Logo:  Requirements:  Up to 50 words, 1 image and 1 Call-to-action link and contact link.
  • You Design:  Image Ad – 550 PX(W) X 300 PX(H), and one (1) link; PDF’s and jpg’s generally work best.  These are considered “ready to go” ads.  (Most popular option)

If you would like us to design an ad, our per-hour charge is $75.  We highly recommend working with some of our members who specialize in this type of work, because, while we’ll do a great job for you – these folks are the experts, and you should get to know them!

DEADLINE:  Copy, links, logos, and artwork are due by Monday by 5 pm before the Weekly run.  Schedules are appreciated for multiple runs.  Email to:  [email protected]