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Become A Chamber Member

You can join the chamber today!  It takes less than 3 minutes!  Click the Membership Application link below to get started.

Membership Application

These are our primary categories, your business will fit somewhere in the below ranges.  The application breaks that out further and provides different payment options for monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annual dues)

Small Business Membership
1-20 FTE Employees (Price Range: $300 – $400 Annually)


Mid-Size Business Membership

21-100 FTE Employees (Price Range: $500 – $800 Annually)


Large Business Membership
101-499 FTE Employees (Price Range: $1000 – $2000 Annually)


Major Employer Membership

500+ FTE Employees (Price Range: $3000+ Annually)


The Chamber’s Membership Pricing – Easy to Find, Easy to Understand.

The number employees (Full Time Equivalent) my business has:

Business Membership

(1-20 FTE Employees)


Business Membership

(21-100 FTE Employees)

Business Membership

(101-499 FTE Employees)

Employer Membership

(500+ FTE Employees)

1                     $300

2-5                  $325

6-10                $365

11-20              $400


21-40              $500

41-60              $600

61-80              $700

81-100            $800


101-200        $1000

201-399        $1500

401-499        $2000


500-999      $3000

1000+          $5000


*We currently offer membership dues on a structure based on the number of Full-Time Equivalent Employees, or FTEs.  For example, if you are a small business and work full time, with 2 additional part-time employees, your FTE count would roughly be “2”.  If you’re still not sure, try this:  take the # of payroll hours in a week /40 hours.  For example, 367 payroll hours would be 9.175 employees, which we round to 9 FTEs. 



*If you have a corporate headquarters and separate branches or businesses under that umbrella, you can count the full
number of people in those locations with corporate, and have all branches listed, not just the corporate branch. 
Take a look at the directory and find some examples.  Call the office at 218-729-6843 with any questions.

 *All member listings include business LOGO, multiple search terms, contact information, social channels, and a landing page you can customize with videos and content.


*Non-profits are businesses. We do not discount memberships for non-profits*, however – we will offer non-profits 1/2 of your membership fee (new or renewal) annually in Chamber Channel Advertising IF your membership is paid in FULL (not quarterly, monthly, etc.)  EX:  For a non-profit with 50 employees, your dues would be $600, you would have $300 in advertising credit if you pay your dues in the annual renewal amount.  You can use this for our quarterly mailer, weekly update, and job postings!  *If your non-profit has ZERO paid staff, please contact us.  


*New Businesses – If you make the fantastically smart decision to join the chamber within the first three months of opening your business, AND you pay your dues in FULL (not quarterly, monthly, etc.), You’ll receive 1/2 of your membership fee in Chamber Channel Advertising.  EX:  For a new small business with 12 employees, your dues would be $400, you would have $200 in advertising credit if you pay your dues in full.  You can use this for our quarterly mailer, weekly update, and job postings!




Membership Benefits

Quick Overview of Membership                                        Guide to Membership

Click here to view our directory and see what some of our members have done with their page.
*If you’re a new business and you join the chamber within 30 days of opening, you can enjoy the benefits of our SMART START package which includes advertising valued at the cost of your annual membership.  You MUST pay for your membership in FULL to utilize this benefit (Select annual dues, not monthly, quarterly, etc.)
Your investment in your Chamber comes with tangible benefits, from business and professional development to relationship-building opportunities. In addition, your investment continues to support Chamber programs and initiatives that positively impact business’s quality of life. We offer a range of investment options that align with your business objectives. We hope you see the Chamber as an extension of your business and allow us the opportunity to learn more about your challenges as well as successes.

We look forward to working with you and getting you engaged in the Chamber opportunities. Questions? Give us a call today at 218-729-6843 and let’s get started.

Nonprofit members with dues paid in full annually can receive up to half of their membership in chamber channel advertising. 

Membership Terms and Conditions

We want to do everything we can to help make your business successful!  We’ve created this list of terms and conditions based on our bylaws and out of operational necessity to make sure we are efficient and able to keep our annual dues affordable for members.  If you have any questions at all about the above information, please reach out to your chamber team.  We’re happy to help!

Thank you to our 2022 Pillar Members


 *Pillar Level – This is a sponsorship level that members can select that supports the chamber beyond a traditional dues membership, your generous support is appreciated.