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Bill King, Past Chair ’21

Bill is a graduate of St Cloud State University with a double major in Political Science and Public Administration. After graduation, and marrying his wife, Mary, he worked in the public sector for twelve years before joining Cirrus Aircraft, a then small kit-aircraft designer with big dreams of growing into a certified aircraft manufacturer. Bill was instrumental in growing Cirrus Aircraft into a worldwide leader in the aerospace market, where they are now the world’s largest single aircraft manufacturer.  Retired from Cirrus in 2022, he now represents his company Sky King Tactical on the board of directors.

Bill is married and enjoys time spent with his two daughters and their husbands as well as his four grandchildren. He is an active commercial-rated pilot and enjoys all types of outdoor activities including camping, fishing, hiking, and canoeing but has a passion for business development and is a strong advocate for the local business scene and the work of “his” Hermantown Area Chamber of Commerce! 

Being a part of our local Chamber and growing the influence and strength of the local businesses is something that stems from deep within his DNA and he draws energy from working hard to help local businesses thrive and grow. Bill believes that “the strength of any community is found in its ability to support the economics of their region by large and small businesses alike, and the creation of meaningful jobs in every town.” His passion serves to help our Chamber impact every member of the community as a whole by adding power to our local businesses!