Click HERE to PURCHASE VOUCHERS and find out more about the program.

Goal Update:  We’ve sold over $50,000 worth of vouchers with an estimated economic impact of over $80,000.  Next up:  $100,000!  You can help today, click the link above.

Strong Northland is a collective effort to provide an economic stimulus to our area through the purchase of pre-paid restaurant vouchers.

Vouchers ($20 value) are available for purchase and redeemable at any participating restaurants throughout the Northland. These vouchers will supply a critical cash flow to our region when businesses need it most and will expire on August 31, 2020.

Participating merchants:

  • Agree to accept these vouchers in the full amount with one transaction (no cash value or change given).
  • Will train all applicable employees in the acceptance of the certificate.
  • Will deposit the voucher like they would a personal check.
  • Will not incur any fees.

Participation as a vendor is exclusive to member restaurants of the Greater Downtown Council, the Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce, Hermantown Area Chamber of Commerce, or Visit Duluth.


Please click for an important message from our CEO regarding connecting with the Chamber during the pandemic.